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Don’t Stop Believin’


“Hold on to that feelin’.”  A classic song by Journey.  For me, it’s more than that.  It’s my life long motivational theme song.

For a combination of reasons, the music, the lyrics (especially the title itself) and the time in my life the song brings me back to, I always feel great when I hear that song.  I’ve also taken some liberties in my mind with the words and what they mean to me.  I love the message of the title itself – and that’s the real motivational message for me.  Never give up on your dreams, your relationships, your community, your country, your career, your goals, your friends and family, and yourself.  In short, “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Do you have a song that outshines all others when it comes to motivating you, giving you a well needed boost, or getting you back on a positive track?  What’s your life long motivational theme song?  Share your song below!

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